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Emergency Services Respond when Bathroom break threatens to go nuclear

In these sensitive times you need to be careful what you say, even in places that might be considered sacred. A man in a Home Depot bathroom gave a friendly warning to everyone when he stepped into a stall.

“You all need to get out of here because I’m fixin’ to blow it up.”

Here’s what happened next.

Mistaking what might have been an overdose of enchiladas for potential terrorism, a concerned citizen made a phone call to the authorities.

“We just had a customer here made what may have been a bomb threat. He said, uh, somebody told me there’s a bomb in here and you need to leave the building. He said it three times.”

Police responded and found no sign of an explosive, but did manage to track down the man and discovered it was all a misunderstanding. Fortunately, everyone recognized it was a joke and no one had to go away. Good thing he was in a hardware store and not an airport!

You can see the original report below from KWCH12 IN Wichita, Kansas.

The original KWCH12 report

A tiger? In texas?

So, you’re wandering around, trying to figure out the best place to smoke your weed, and you see an abandoned house. Perfect! You go inside, ready to enjoy some deep chillin’, when your buzz is all harshed by… a tiger!

A couple of Houstonians had just this experience. Unbelievably, they called 311, which was probably a very good thing. The tiger was underfed, thirsty, and housed in a cage that she could have easily escaped. Authorities picked up the animal and began her care while an animal sanctuary was found that can take her in. Here’s the news video.

No word as to what happened to the would-be stoners. Good on them for worrying less about their own jeopardy and calling this in before someone got hurt. The story could have been very different.

Lead Astronomer Standing By ET Claim

It’s one thing when the eccentrics talk about alien spacecraft in our solar system. It’s something else altogether when the head of a university astronomy department says it.

The chairman of Harvard University’s astronomy department, Avi Loeb, released a controversial analysis of an asteroid object, dubbed Oumuamua (pronounced /Oh-mooah-mooah/). It talked about the unusual nature of the object based on its behavior. What got everyone’s attention was this quote:

“Considering an artificial origin, one possibility is that ‘Oumuamua’ is a lightsail, floating in interstellar space as a debris from an advanced technological equipment,”

As you can imagine, Loeb took a good deal of criticism from the science community. Now that Oumuamua is making its way back out of our solar system, you would think that he would just nod his head and say “You guys are right. It’s just a rock.”

Loeb is not doing that.

The name Oumuamua is a Hawaiian word meaning “messenger from afar arriving first” or “scout.” In his paper, Loeb said that the mathematics of the object’s movement was not consistent with other sorts of natural objects. If your math mojo is sufficient, you can see his work in the paper referenced above.

In a recent article from the Washington Post, Loeb continues to stand by his belief that this was more than just a fancy rock that happened into our solar system.

We have not been able to get a good picture of the object—at least not that I could find. The pictures that you normally see are an artist’s imaginings, like pictures of dinosaurs. There is what is considered to be a good photo of the object, created by combining multiple images from the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope as well as the Gemini South Telescope.

Before you get too excited at what appears to be a flyby of the Starship Enterprise, the actual object is the little white dot marked with a blue circle in the middle of the frame. The apparent portals are stars which were distorted as the telescope tracked with the moving object.

It’s great to see someone stand by their conclusions in the face of opposition. A guy named Galileo did something similar, facing an Inquisition hearing for heresy. That all worked out OK, and his discoveries and thought are still a part of modern scientific culture. Will we eventually discover that Loeb was right? Is it even possible to find out? Probably not in our lifetime.

I think the truth is out there, though. I firmly believe that eventually we will enter into a new age of humanity as we discover our place amongst other beings in the stars. For now, we get a little fuzzy dot.

FYRE festival taken down by magick?

You may have heard of the ill-fated FYRE Festival, a music extravaganza on an island that turned a wealthy group of music fans into something from Lord of the Flies. Recently, come documentaries came out about the ill-fated event. Here is a trailer for one of them before.

Some have said the the downfall of the event was due to incompetence, greed, mismanagement… all the usual things. But, that’s not the only story out there.

A number of articles, like this one from Vanity Fair, suggest that it was none of these things, but that Blink-182’s Matt Skiba used witchcraft to take down the festival. Can a little bit of negative mojo do something like this? In a word, yes! This is why when someone begins to do workings, it is important to have intentions crystal clear or you may have some serious unintended consequences.

In the case of the FYRE Festival, any take-down magick was probably pretty low-hanging fruit. Anyone could probably have lit a candle, said a few words, and gone “Ta-da!” at the end of it all. But, don’t doubt that people from all walks of life try to use their power to make things happen, and it’s not all happy-time, fuzzy-bunny magic. Keep your shields up!

Exorcisms are on the rise

In 1973, the world was introduced to the world of exorcism in a disturbing film, The Exorcist, that still impacts audiences today. Of course, the movie did not invent the exorcism, and it is not the sole dominion of the Catholic church. Religions throughout the world and throughout history have forms of exorcism.

The Catholic church was very coy about exorcisms for some time, though there was always a number of priests, trained in exorcisms, quietly doing their work. That seems to have changed, and not the way you might imagine. Exorcisms are on the rise and the Church is much more open about it all. This is clearly seen with an article in the Catholic Herald entitled Driving out the Devil: what’s behind the exorcism boom?

Here is a telling quote from the article.

“Pope Francis, who regularly speaks about the Devil, has told priests that they ‘should not hesitate’ to call on exorcists if they hear confessions or see behaviour indicating satanic activity. Just a few months into his pioneering pontificate, Francis himself performed an informal exorcism on a man in a wheelchair in St Peter’s Square. The youngster had been brought by a Mexican priest who presented him as demon-possessed. The Pope intently laid two hands upon the man’s head, clearly concentrating on driving out the demons.”

This is a far cry from the days when one heard about exorcism only on shadowy episodes of Coast to Coast AM. You missed that? Here is the first of many fascinating interviews between Art Bell and Father Malachi Martin (both now deceased).

What does this new attitude mean? Is a war between good and evil moving out of the shadows? In Saul’s collection is an exorcism kit that was used in the early 20th century.

An old wooden box with a bible, crucifix and candles
Exorcist kit from Saul’s personal collection

Saul says this kit feels of power, but not a dark power. It has a feeling of incredible love and light. Perhaps this new, forward attitude about exorcism, both in its practice and those seeking it, is a sign of the light moving into the open.

Of course, light does not belong to any one faith or practice. Everyone has the right and ability to put forth love and to resist darkness. Maybe this is a harbinger of good tidings as more and more people decide to resist and stand up to any power that tries to use fear and oppression to control people.

Regardless, expect to find more stories about exorcisms in the mainstream.

Deer hunter’s kill leads to gruesome discovery

WARNING: This article contains information and imagery that may be upsetting to more sensitive readers.

A deer hunter in Kentucky spots a distant buck with a magnificent set of antlers. He takes aim and hits. When he goes to claim his kill he finds an example of horrific nature.

Attached to the bucks antlers was the rotting, decapitated head of another buck! See the photos in the original Facebook post, below. 

We can speculate that these two bucks sparred and became entangled. Perhaps one of them had its neck broken as they struggled for release. Eventually, after repeated attempts to break free, the victor tore the head loose from the body.  Yuch!

Considering the state of the severed head, the buck must have wandered for some time, bound to this strange trophy. It must have been a miserable experience. We agree that this is disturbing and sad. It is also a remarkable, once in a lifetime, thing to see. 

Was this 3-year-old murdered in a past life?

Some say that, for many of us, this is not our first time on the planet, that our souls come back once, or many times. It all seems to be a matter of opinion. Even though there are many accounts of people who seem to be able to describe aspects of a previous life, with accurate details, skeptics suggest that they are just lucky guesses, or subconscious absorption of historical knowledge. Then you come across something like this.

An account from Reincarnation Research, describes a boy who was born with a strange, red birthmark on his head. At three years old, the boy said that he had died from an axe blow to the head. He described aspects of his previous life and people recognized details as likely being nearby where they lived. They began going from village to village, the boy saying that he did not see anything familiar. At the third village, the boy recognized the location. Other memories came flooding back, including the names of people he had known.

One of the villagers recognized the man the boy described, and said he had disappeared four years before. They continued walking and the boy found his house from his previous life. Their quest had attracted some attention at this point, with curious onlookers gathered round.

Suddenly the boy called one of the bystanders by name and said “I used to be your neighbor. We had a fight and you killed me with an axe. I even know where he buried my body.”

Pile of Stones, Bal-Bach
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Ivan Hall –

The boy led them into some nearby fields and to a pile of stones, claiming that this was the location of the body, with the murder weapon buried nearby.

Example of a skull with an axe wound

The site was excavated. They found a skeleton of an adult male with what appeared to be an axe wound to the head. The axe was also found buried as predicted. The murderer confessed to his crimes. He was not handed to the police, but the community said that he would pay for what he had done.

It’s easy to just set this aside as a legend, a ghost story, a weird tale. It was said to be reported by Eli Lasch, MD, a doctor in the Gaza strip who was researching reincarnation. It is not proof of anything. Just another bizarre story that suggests that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies.

Creepy Elmo Tree

This happened a while back, but it’s still pretty bizarre. According to Fun107, Julie Silvia was hiking with a friend in the woods near Plymouth, Massachusetts when they came across a strange sight, or is it a site?

A tree was draped in Elmo dolls. Elmo is, of course, a character from the children’s show Sesame Street. He is beloved by many, and detested by some of the older fans of the show.  Here is video of the strange discovery.

Is this art? Is this a sort of ritual site? Is this just where lost Elmo dolls go? Do they know where the socks from your dryer go?

When Julie posted the discovery, local residents were as puzzled as she was. No one really seems to know how this came to be. We hope that whoever is calling upon the power of Elmo is using this for good.

Ouija believe?

This feels like a horror movie. According to a Daily Mail article, a group of about 30 children suffered hysteria after playing with a Ouija board at school.

A teacher’s daughter (Isn’t it always the kids of authority figures?) brought a so-called book of black magic and a Ouija board to school in San Jose de Saramuro in the Loreto region. She apparently led fellow students in playing with the board and things went a little crazy. Here is footage of the aftermath. WARNING: Some may find this disturbing.

The original video is available through a local media outlet on Facebook.

Are Ouija boards truly this dangerous? Can casual contact with something sold in a toy store open the gates of possession?

Satanic doorways tucked in with classic children’s games?

Here are some helpful tips to keep your tots safe from demonic interference with their school work.

  1. Please keep your black magic books locked up out of reach of children, especially if you are a teacher, a preacher or police officer.
  2. When buying a game for your child, consider some of the other classics like Clue, or Life, or even Monopoly. 
  3. If you have kids that are claiming that they cannot do their school work because they are possessed, please read up on the Salem Witch Trials. They might be possessed. They might also be enjoying the chance to create a little panic for adults. 

Fighting Nazis with magick

During World War II, nations allied to fight a battle that still resonates today more strongly than any war since. Popular culture still looks back with a great deal of nostalgia on this era and the amazing achievements of all who were involved.

Not all of the battles were fought with guns, though. We’ve heard of the battle at home, as citizens worked to conserve and supply the war effort. But, did you know about the magickal battle that was happening in the background? In her article, The Magical Battle of Britain, Sable Aradia brings up an interesting point.

“ Something happened in World War II that doesn’t really make any sense, and nobody really seems to give a lot of thought as to why it happened outside of military academies. Germany never invaded Britain.” [sic]

From  The Magical Battle of Britain by Sable Aradia

There are a number of military possibilities given for this, but it all coincides with something that was happening behind the scenes of the war. A group of wizards and witches, led by Dion Fortune, quietly impressed their will through a series of rituals aimed at protecting the British continent.

Painting by Yuri Leitch commissioned by Paul Weston : avalonian aeon

When war broke out, Dion Fortune began to contact her own circle, members of the Fraternity of the Inner Light (which still exists after a fashion). Her allies included some serious players in the magick community of that time, including Dennis Wheatley, Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, and writer and British Intelligence operative, Ian Fleming (who created James Bond and wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). They called upon the ancient spirits of Britain for protection, inlcuding King Arthur, Merlin, St. Michael and St. George.

On the anticipated launch night of  Operation Sealion, a planned invasion of Britain by Hitler’s forces, a group of magicians were said to have gathered in the New Forest and the cliffs of Dover to perform a ritual to stop them. In a sort of volunteer draft, Fortune also removed many of the restrictions to participation, inviting all who wanted to support the cause to learn their secrets of mind-working.

As Aradia points out, magick is not about fireballs and bolts of lightning. It is about influence, nudging circumstances into one’s favor. One can look at this piece of history and say that everything was just a flow of events and that these practitioners made no difference. But, those who are more connected with the nature of magick can read between the lines here. 

Aradia goes further, to talk about how modern practitioners can band together and call upon ancient spirits to bolster us against the modern social battles. It’s not a bad idea. 

If you want to learn more, check out Gareth Knight’s book, The Magical Battle of Britain. It contains a narrative of events along with the correspondence that Dion Fortune sent to her team.

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