What people say about Saul

Accurate and thought provoking readings from Saul

Saul has helped me 3 times when I really needed it. I want to say he is a very caring healer and has a huge heart and truly wants, and does really help. No PR, he is the real deal. My first reading was surprisingly accurate and really helped me with a problem I was having. With the insight he gave me I was able to view my problem totally new and fresh, and it’s so gone now I cannot even remember what it was!!! The take away is I was able to move on in life and enjoy my progress rather than fight myself! The second was him picking up my thoughts and it was so fun to have him practiced telepathy with me, very uplifting experience! The third was epic…I was able, through his help, to get rid of some very bad and confusing influences that were leaving me endlessly frustrated and angry..replacing my space with fresh energy and love, truly life changing. I will also add here that I admire Saul very much for his high integrity and ethics level he demonstrates in life and as a healer. Something you don’t find very often! Thank you… Read more “Accurate and thought provoking readings from Saul”

Dee Prince

Amazing Artifacts and Astonished Guests

Saul has been the entertainment for my Halloween parties for the last two years and he is amazing and kind. All of my guests enjoy having their palms or tarot cards read and the accuracy is spot on! The “parlor games” are my favorite part and allow guests to be part of the entertainment. We can’t wait to party with you next… Read more “Amazing Artifacts and Astonished Guests”

Jennifer Newman

San Antonio IBM Club

We have had hired Saul to perform at a few of our functions. He never fails to amaze and astound us with the mastery of his art. I highly recommend him for you event you’ll be glad you… Read more “San Antonio IBM Club”

Sal Manfredo


I have had the pleasure of being in one of Saul Ravencraft’s study groups on intention and manifestation. He is a gentle, entertaining teacher who inspires you with confidence and gives enthusiastic encouragement. With his guidance, I have managed to overcome things I had long struggled with. I used to have PTSD nightmares about someone from my past; I haven’t had any since working with Saul. I still have scars, but he has helped me learn to wear them as badges of honor rather than let them stunt my enjoyment of life. He has a way of taking concepts you may have been exposed to before, but using just the right words to help you grasp them in a way that you can apply them to your own situations and ease anxieties you thought would always haunt you. Saul has also done many different types of readings for me, including tarot, palmistry, numerology, and psychometry. His readings are not the type where you hear you’re going to meet someone tall, dark, and handsome and come into a large inheritance from a rich uncle. Rather they are filled with insight into the types of challenges you are likely to face in life because of your personality type, and what innate resources you possess and how you can use them to cope with and overcome these challenges. His insight and intuition are truly amazing. Also, Saul has a great deal of integrity and is utterly trustworthy. He wants to help you and be useful to you, not take advantage. He genuinely likes people, and will put you at ease. I cannot recommend him highly… Read more “Wonderful”

Elizabeth Thomas


We were lucky enough to meet Saul at The Museum of the Weird where he read our minds. He also gave some really accurate insights into our different personality traits. He was engaging and charismatic and thoroughly worth the visit. Since then I have had 2 different reading with him over the internet. He is very accurate and gives good insight into the different ways forward. He takes all the time needed, no clock watching or rushing to finish. I would recommend him highly and hope that if we visit the USA again we get the chance to meet… Read more “Fantastic”

Angela Yates

Saul will make you a believer!

Fantastically mind bending and entertaining. A show you do not want to… Read more “Saul will make you a believer!”

Francis Houston Blakely Suchomel III

I can’t wait to see another show!

Last night was very cool! I really like the inside venues where the energy can swirl around the audience. Spot on about my “reading” so to speak about that “lost item”, very creepy indeed. I can’t wait to see another… Read more “I can’t wait to see another show!”

Julia Brantley

Intuituve, Intune, Incredible

I’ve had the pleasure of attending Mr. Ravencraft’s show in a wide variety of settings with a diverse group of people each time. He never fails to impress with his wit, charm and ability to take on and mesmerize his audience. If you get a chance to see his show don’t miss any opportunity. You may just learn something about the the world around you. Or… maybe even… Read more “Intuituve, Intune, Incredible”

Apriljean Atwood

Watched a show at Kick

Watched a show at Kick Butt Coffee.. It was a lot of fun! Hope to catch another show in the… Read more “Watched a show at Kick”

Tino Manning

Surpassed our fundraising goal

I wanted to thank you for a great event. Was it a lot of work to bring the vision to life? Yes!! But the organic process you led us through manifested a unique event that a lot of people could participate in and feel good about, and our guests really enjoyed…AND, most importantly, it helped us surpass our fundraising goal. The strategy of using the game to launch Adam’s pitch was a huge success and brought in substantially more donations than in past years after an… Read more “Surpassed our fundraising goal”

Ange Eaton

Amazing Reading

I had the pleasure of having a personal reading with Saul this weekend He was spot on and so very helpful with insight and direction. I have to honestly say this is one of the best, most accurate readings I have ever had. I highly recommend… Read more “Amazing Reading”

Anastasia LeClaire

I had a *wonderful* reading

I had a *wonderful* reading with Saul Ravencraft, Executive Occultist today! Saul does the most unique readings, not the typical tarot reading. Saul has created the most interesting “Elemental Reading” and if you haven’t experienced this most unique divination experience, you really owe it to yourself. So many venues of thought were opened up for me today and yes, there is homework but I wouldn’t expect anything less; creating your own destiny isn’t a passive event. With the help of the Executive Occultist, many different ideas and thoughts were opened up before my eyes and I am excited about the possibilities that are before me. I have have had a many readings over the years from many different types of readers, but an elemental reading from Saul is the most unique and interesting reading I’ve ever had. I’m very thankful for finding Saul and for his amazing eye-opening… Read more “I had a *wonderful* reading”

Victoria Mundae

Prepare to be SPOOKED!

Saul Ravencraft is the man for spooktacular fun! My first encounter with Saul was as a tour guide at Austin’s Museum of the Weird. He knows his subjects well and has the knowledge and background to assure a hauntingly great time for all..This man can fortell the future..He does Tarot Card readings,has ESP and is a magician that will dazzle you leaving your senses confounded! Also I have crossed paths with him at Rennisance Faires where you will travel back in time to the middle ages..Want to know your future? Check in with Saul and you will not be… Read more “Prepare to be SPOOKED!”

Keith Kinkle

Saul is a great meld of professional and spooky.

I got to work with Saul on a horror movie trivia night and he was great to work with. Very professional in communication and business behind the scenes, and an approachable, knowledgeable, and unique personality and host for the audience with great production value. He really knows what he’s… Read more “Saul is a great meld of professional and spooky.”

Ariel Ximenes

Amazingly versitile, multitalented, and FUN!

I am something of a Saul Ravencraft groupie, which means I have seen him in many environments and situations. I’ve seen him in show mode in locations such as Kick Butt Cafe, Sherwood Forest Faire, and Curia Arcanum, demonstrating the marvels of mentalism with fast-paced humor, and I’ve seen him in more serious mystic mode, calling upon his guides and receiving remarkably accurate information from the spirit realm. As a magickal life coach, he has helped me heal from a trauma that crippled me for over 30 years. He has a way of putting things into words so that I can think about them in ways I never had before. His tarot and other readings are excellent, and he always gives more effort and time than promised. I’ve also participated in his paranormal reading groups, in which we study various texts and explore them in a group environment–such a great way to have meaningful interactions with people without risking contagion in these days! I also had the privilege of accompanying him and one of his associates on an amazing weekend retreat exploring the haunted locations of Bartlett, Texas. He’s also a kind, gentle, trustworthy individual who truly cares and wants to help and is able to provide the desired individualized spiritual tone conducting weddings and funerals. I cannot recommend him… Read more “Amazingly versitile, multitalented, and FUN!”

Elizabeth Thomas

Everything Confirmed

I had been pulling my own tarot cards and trying to read for myself…which is always difficult because I’m not far enough removed to see clearly. Saul confirmed the messages I was receiving, but gave me the insight I needed to move forward. Highly… Read more “Everything Confirmed”

Crystal Bush