I have had the pleasure of being in one of Saul Ravencraft’s study groups on intention and manifestation. He is a gentle, entertaining teacher who inspires you with confidence and gives enthusiastic encouragement. With his guidance, I have managed to overcome things I had long struggled with. I used to have PTSD nightmares about someone from my past; I haven’t had any since working with Saul. I still have scars, but he has helped me learn to wear them as badges of honor rather than let them stunt my enjoyment of life. He has a way of taking concepts you may have been exposed to before, but using just the right words to help you grasp them in a way that you can apply them to your own situations and ease anxieties you thought would always haunt you.

Saul has also done many different types of readings for me, including tarot, palmistry, numerology, and psychometry. His readings are not the type where you hear you’re going to meet someone tall, dark, and handsome and come into a large inheritance from a rich uncle. Rather they are filled with insight into the types of challenges you are likely to face in life because of your personality type, and what innate resources you possess and how you can use them to cope with and overcome these challenges. His insight and intuition are truly amazing. Also, Saul has a great deal of integrity and is utterly trustworthy. He wants to help you and be useful to you, not take advantage. He genuinely likes people, and will put you at ease. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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