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World Weird News

Saul wrote a regular blog for the world famous Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas where he highlighted strange news of the day. Later, the Museum found its audience was better reached by doing simpler social media posts. Saul continues to support these, but he misses doing some of the more in-depth looks at weird things in the world. Here you will find some of the strange news that comes through Saul’s crystal ball and his editorial take on the matter. Some of it will be celebrating strange stories from the past. Some will be as fresh as yesterday. See the latest stories below.

Deer hunter’s kill leads to gruesome discovery

A hunter with a deer and a section next to its head that is blurred out

Kentucky hunter looking for a trophy ends up with something horrific instead.

Was this 3-year-old murdered in a past life?

Some say that, for many of us, this is not our first time on the planet, that our souls come back once, or many times. It all seems to be a matter of opinion. Even though there are Creepy Elmo Tree A woodland tree draped with a variety of Elmo dolls

Hikers discover a strange and terrible sight: The Elmo Tree

Ouija believe?

Ouija believe?

Things get crazy at a school in Peru when a kid brings a Ouija board to school.

Fighting Nazis with magick

While brave men fought on the fronts, and stalwart citizens carried on at home, a band of witches and wizards fought for Britain using magick!

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