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World Weird News

Saul wrote a regular blog for the world famous Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas where he highlighted strange news of the day. Later, the Museum found its audience was better reached by doing simpler social media posts. Saul continues to support these, but he misses doing some of the more in-depth looks at weird things in the world. Here you will find some of the strange news that comes through Saul’s crystal ball and his editorial take on the matter. Some of it will be celebrating strange stories from the past. Some will be as fresh as yesterday. See the latest stories below.

Terrifying “dragon” discovered in Australia

Terrifying "dragon" discovered in Australia

In a startling discovery, PhD Candidate, Tim Richards, from the University of Queensland in Australia, analyzed the fossil of a jaw, discovered on Wanamara Country, near Richmond in North West Queensland. It is the largest specimen of flying reptile ever discovered in Australia.

This truly “terrible lizard” would ...

Hard to know who to root for

Hard to know who to root for

According to Anxiety House, Arachnophobia, fear of spiders, and Ophidiophobia,fear of snakes, are the two most common phobias. So, when you have a case of spider vs. serpent, who do you root for?

It is said that Australia is the land where everything in nature wants ...

Dowsing on the rise in California

Dowsing on the rise in California

Coast to Coast AM reports that due to the drought in California, that many are turning to dowsing to find water. Dowsing is using the motion of tools such as a Y-shaped stick, L-shaped rods, or pendulums, to find information. In the case of the “water witches,” dowsing is ...

Is it me, or is it hot in here?

Is it me, or is it hot in here?

Current weather conditions bring back the memory of this day in 1929. The June 1, 1929 issue of the British newspaper, “The Sphere,” featured this photo with an eloquent caption. Journalists just don’t seem to have the same sense of poetry today.

Florida Man, how we’ve missed you!

Florida Man, how we've missed you!

Between disease control and civil unrest it has been harder to keep up with the exploits of Florida Man. However, a quick search does not disappoint. Florida Man is alive, well, and up to no good.

An Associated Press article dated May 29, 2020, reports that Miramar, Florida police were ...