Accurate and thought provoking readings from Saul

Saul has helped me 3 times when I really needed it. I want to say he is a very caring healer and has a huge heart and truly wants, and does really help. No PR, he is the real deal. My first reading was surprisingly accurate and really helped me with a problem I was having. With the insight he gave me I was able to view my problem totally new and fresh, and it’s so gone now I cannot even remember what it was!!! The take away is I was able to move on in life and enjoy my progress rather than fight myself!
The second was him picking up my thoughts and it was so fun to have him practiced telepathy with me, very uplifting experience!
The third was epic…I was able, through his help, to get rid of some very bad and confusing influences that were leaving me endlessly frustrated and angry..replacing my space with fresh energy and love, truly life changing. I will also add here that I admire Saul very much for his high integrity and ethics level he demonstrates in life and as a healer. Something you don’t find very often! Thank you Saul!

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