Amazingly versitile, multitalented, and FUN!

I am something of a Saul Ravencraft groupie, which means I have seen him in many environments and situations. I’ve seen him in show mode in locations such as Kick Butt Cafe, Sherwood Forest Faire, and Curia Arcanum, demonstrating the marvels of mentalism with fast-paced humor, and I’ve seen him in more serious mystic mode, calling upon his guides and receiving remarkably accurate information from the spirit realm. As a magickal life coach, he has helped me heal from a trauma that crippled me for over 30 years. He has a way of putting things into words so that I can think about them in ways I never had before. His tarot and other readings are excellent, and he always gives more effort and time than promised. I’ve also participated in his paranormal reading groups, in which we study various texts and explore them in a group environment–such a great way to have meaningful interactions with people without risking contagion in these days! I also had the privilege of accompanying him and one of his associates on an amazing weekend retreat exploring the haunted locations of Bartlett, Texas. He’s also a kind, gentle, trustworthy individual who truly cares and wants to help and is able to provide the desired individualized spiritual tone conducting weddings and funerals. I cannot recommend him enough.

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