I had a *wonderful* reading

I had a *wonderful* reading with Saul Ravencraft, Executive Occultist today! Saul does the most unique readings, not the typical tarot reading. Saul has created the most interesting “Elemental Reading” and if you haven’t experienced this most unique divination experience, you really owe it to yourself. So many venues of thought were opened up for me today and yes, there is homework but I wouldn’t expect anything less; creating your own destiny isn’t a passive event. With the help of the Executive Occultist, many different ideas and thoughts were opened up before my eyes and I am excited about the possibilities that are before me. I have have had a many readings over the years from many different types of readers, but an elemental reading from Saul is the most unique and interesting reading I’ve ever had. I’m very thankful for finding Saul and for his amazing eye-opening readings.

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