Photo of a tiger laying down

A tiger? In texas?

So, you’re wandering around, trying to figure out the best place to smoke your weed, and you see an abandoned house. Perfect! You go inside, ready to enjoy some deep chillin’, when your buzz is all harshed by… a tiger!

A couple of Houstonians had just this experience. Unbelievably, they called 311, which was probably a very good thing. The tiger was underfed, thirsty, and housed in a cage that she could have easily escaped. Authorities picked up the animal and began her care while an animal sanctuary was found that can take her in. Here’s the news video.

No word as to what happened to the would-be stoners. Good on them for worrying less about their own jeopardy and calling this in before someone got hurt. The story could have been very different.

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