Man bitten by decapitated snake!

According to Corpus Christi news cannel KIII, a man beheaded a rattlesnake in his garden. When he bent down to deal with the decapitated corpse the disembodied head bit him and injected him with venom. Because the snake had no body, it released it’s full load of venom, 26 doses!

What?! How is this possible? talked to David Penning, an assistant professor of biology at Missouri Southern State University, who was involved with the case. He said that due to the cold-blooded nature of snakes their bodies can continue to function for minutes, maybe even hours after death.

Zombie snakes. Why did it have to be zombie snakes?

The victim was rushed to the hospital and, after a harrowing experience, is expected to fully recover. If you ever kill a snake you should continue to be cautions with the corpse. Weird!

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