FYRE festival taken down by magick?

You may have heard of the ill-fated FYRE Festival, a music extravaganza on an island that turned a wealthy group of music fans into something from Lord of the Flies. Recently, come documentaries came out about the ill-fated event. Here is a trailer for one of them before.


Some have said the the downfall of the event was due to incompetence, greed, mismanagement… all the usual things. But, that’s not the only story out there.

A number of articles, like this one from Vanity Fair, suggest that it was none of these things, but that Blink-182’s Matt Skiba used witchcraft to take down the festival. Can a little bit of negative mojo do something like this? In a word, yes! This is why when someone begins to do workings, it is important to have intentions crystal clear or you may have some serious unintended consequences.

In the case of the FYRE Festival, any take-down magick was probably pretty low-hanging fruit. Anyone could probably have lit a candle, said a few words, and gone “Ta-da!” at the end of it all. But, don’t doubt that people from all walks of life try to use their power to make things happen, and it’s not all happy-time, fuzzy-bunny magic. Keep your shields up!

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