Photo of haunted doll

Possessed doll goes after people like a real-life Chucky

In Saul’s personal collection he has a number of artifacts that he considers to be “active.” These are artifacts that have a stronger energy or personality than a typical object. Sometimes this energy is positive. Sometimes it is negative. However, none of what he shows have the kind of aggressive energy exhibited in his doll, owned by Berliz, from Callao in Peru. According to this article by Standard Media, the doll has been a problem for years, causing distress for Berliz, and viciously attacking others.

Berliz uses the SB7 Ghost Box to try to get answers about this dangerous doll.

Amongst those who have felt the doll’s unexplained wrath are Berliz’s boyfriend. She said that the doll “grabbed and beat him” while he was sleeping. He left, never to return.

There have been no answers as to why the doll acts out in this way. Beriz has gotten a black cat to help balance out the energy, and has removed the doll from her home to protect her new baby.

There is no word as to whether the doll might be loaned out to women who are having trouble with their boyfriends.

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