Cemetery Unappreciative of Family’s Halloween Spirit

Those who follow my World Weird News are people with a darker sense of humor. You carry Halloween in your hearts. You share jokes about crazy things that you’d like to have happen at your funeral to create confusion and wonder. So, you would completely appreciate Christina Wohle.

Wohle’s son, Cole, died at the age of 18 after a rodeo, not from event injuries, but from a heart attack. It is a difficult and tragic life event. However, Cole was a spirited man, with a darker sense of humor. To honor him, they put Halloween decorations on his grave. The cemetery keeps taking them down.

The claim is that the decorations interfere with mowing and maintenance. Christina calls bullshit on that. Here is her Facebook post, showing the before and after of the decorations.

Christina Wohle puts decorations in honor of her late son’s Halloween spirit and sense of humor. The city keeps taking them down.

When I die, assuming I’m not immortal, I hope that someone cares enough about me to make a pilgrimage to my grave and do something that honors me and give the world a little twist. Those who knew Cole seem to believe he would appreciate the gesture as well.

I get it that some people need death to be forever about sadness and loss. I have learned that it is also about continuance, by continuing to remember and celebrate the best parts of people. I think this tradition is a wonderful way to honor Cole. I hope they get to the bottom of this vandalism and are allowed to respect their loved one in their own way.

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