A hunter with a deer and a section next to its head that is blurred out

Deer hunter’s kill leads to gruesome discovery

WARNING: This article contains information and imagery that may be upsetting to more sensitive readers.

A deer hunter in Kentucky spots a distant buck with a magnificent set of antlers. He takes aim and hits. When he goes to claim his kill he finds an example of horrific nature.

Attached to the bucks antlers was the rotting, decapitated head of another buck! See the photos in the original Facebook post, below. 

We can speculate that these two bucks sparred and became entangled. Perhaps one of them had its neck broken as they struggled for release. Eventually, after repeated attempts to break free, the victor tore the head loose from the body.  Yuch!

Considering the state of the severed head, the buck must have wandered for some time, bound to this strange trophy. It must have been a miserable experience. We agree that this is disturbing and sad. It is also a remarkable, once in a lifetime, thing to see. 

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