Love yourself today

I’ve generated an image that demonstrates the Japanese art of Kintsugi, highlighting the imperfections and history of an object. This delicate porcelain heart, adorned with shimmering gold, symbolizes the resilience and strength found in healing. It’s a reminder that even after being broken, a heart can emerge stronger and more beautiful than before. This is the shadow work. This is the self discovery.

Today, on Valentine’s Day, we observe a largely commercial holiday of greeting cards and gift-giving. People are driven to think about romantic love and become very sensitive about whether they are living in a proper fairy tale. But, love always starts with self. There is no other person who completes us. There is no other soul that validates us. We must be able to enjoy our own company. Yes, we receive comfort and enlightenment through others, but it is up to us to receive and incorporate it. We can refuse it, and often do. Ultimately, we always heal ourselves.

If you are spending today with someone, enjoy that connection, but do not deny yourself. If you are spending it on your own, do not despair. That is marketing working on you. Indulge and appreciate yourself, for you are the one who truly matters most. Have the courage to become strong on your own. Take the time to see the wonderful person who looks out at you from the mirror and appreciate all they do for you. Have the wisdom to see the theatre and exaggeration of love stories, romantic commercials, and the relationship industry. Let your heart be whole with its unique imperfections.

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