Pagan Rites

People do Christmas in July, so why can we do May in February. We’ll be thinking spring thoughts in the frigid weather as we celebrate our film, codenamed Pagan Rites. This is a classic film about a fish that finds itself out of the water and in the frying pan. It’s uptight conservatism thrust into a world of the Old Religion, with increasingly horrifying results. The end of this film is absolutely unforgettable.

You get two opportunities to join Saul Ravencraft for this celebration of horror. Come early to enjoy the pre-show reel. Saul will provide commentary in between the reels and deepen your appreciation for how this film came to life.

  • February 8th, at Doc’s Drive-in. Food menu in addition to typical movie snacks. Afterward we’ll head down to Mama Merlot’s underground speakeasy for an after-party with specialty cocktails, music, costume contest and more. Film shown on the gigantic drive-in screen! Pre-show at 6:30pm. Feature starts at 7:30pm. (Join Facebook Event) [Get Tickets]
  • February 19th, at Mister Tramps. Great food and beverages in the private viewing room. (21+ Venue) Just show up. Pre-show starts at 6:30pm. Feature begins at 7:30pm. (Join Facebook Event)

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