Florida Man, how we’ve missed you!

Between disease control and civil unrest it has been harder to keep up with the exploits of Florida Man. However, a quick search does not disappoint. Florida Man is alive, well, and up to no good.

An Associated Press article dated May 29, 2020, reports that Miramar, Florida police were searching for a 21-year-old naked man who broke into a South Florida high school and spent almost 24 hours vandalizing the building.

Here is the photo they released on Twitter, seeking to identify the culprit.

Security cameras caught a man trashing Miramar High School. The photo was successful, and police identified Matthew Crandall.

Video showed Crandall broke into the school around 7 a.m. Monday. He gallivanted around the school, wearing only a hat and headphones, causing flooding in hallways, smashing computers and televisions, and vandalizing classrooms, walls, and hallways throughout the school in Broward County.

Police say a school custodian discovered the damage, estimated at about $100,000.

Crandall is from North Fort Myers. It was not known whether he had any ties to the school. Police said Crandall is charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

Oh, Florida Man! You are a pale, pasty light in a dark day!

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