Special Staycation Pricing

As our world has become more virtual, Saul has moved right along with the times. Saul has set up special broadcasting capabilities and developed material specifically designed to add surprises and fun into any virtual gathering.

He has also arranged special pricing through the end of May. Virtual offerings will be 50% off to help pilot these remote enhancements that will drive engagement for your online meetings and events. It can be purely entertainment, or Saul can use his 15 years of experience in government and corporate environments to help deliver important learning and messages in an interactive and memorable way.

If you want to know a little more about what he’s doing, see Performance Pivoting: A New Era. To get started on what he can do for you, fill in the contact form.


Talk Like a Pirate Day 9/19/2019


When: Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 7 PM – 11:30 PM
Where: Kick Butt Coffee, 6611 Airport Blvd, Austin, Texas 78752

Saul Ravencraft will be returning with the scurvy crew from The Brotherhood of Crossed Bones and his old mate, Professor Argo, for the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day celebration at Kick Butt Coffee, Thursday, September 19, at 7:00 pm.

Saul will be adding his paranormal entertainment to a bawdy night of burlesque, shanties, parrots, rum! The event benefits Austin Pets Alive.

Put on your pirate gear, a swagger in your step, and join us for one hell of a party. (Did you hear about the rum?)

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Saul returns to the Museum of the Weird

Some paths fade far into our rear-view mirror. Others come back into view again, and again, as we continue the travel of life. Paranormalist, Saul Ravencraft says that he is pleased that this particular path is returning, at least in part.

“Scheduling made it difficult for me to continue doing tours at the Museum as other activities, such as Sherwood Forest Faire, demanded more of my time,” says Saul. “I enjoy the eclectic energy of that and have missed it, even though the time has been filled with other interesting projects.”

Those projects left a little wiggle room as there was need to fill some limited space.

“There was a space where they needed someone to do what I was doing on a limited basis to help fill out their schedule,” Saul explains. “This will keep me open to continue with the many other projects while still making those connections with people who enjoy the weird.”

Saul said he has missed the Museum since he stepped away in December.

Saul says “I have met a few people who came for tours as strangers who left as allies. I’ve done performances and readings for some of them. There aren’t too many places you can go to meet people who like weird stuff.”

Saul will be regularly featured on Wednesdays from 7:00pm to midnight. The museum features an array of curios & oddities, from Bigfoot to shrunken heads, plus a gift shop. It is located at 412 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701 and is open daily from 10:00am to midnight. Tickets are $12.00 for adults and $8.00 for children $8 and younger. Tickets include a look at the broad collection of oddities and a tour of the special exhibits, including The Creature In Ice and the Sfanthor horror wax museum, as well as a personal performance by Saul. Call the Museum at (512)476-5493 for more information.


Saul Joins The Road Podcast

In preparation for the February 26, 2019 event, Saul did a podcast with JT Habersaat at Kickbutt Cafe. Initially the plan was to focus on the show, but what I do is so unusual that it peaks people’s curiosity and we can’t help talking about divination, the spirit world, and other things from the shadows.


Join Saul Ravencraft live, 26 FEB 2019

What: An evening of weirdly wonderful entertainment
Where: Kick Butt Cafe, 5775 Airport Blvd. Austin, TX (map)
When: February 26, 2019, 7pm and 9pm
How much: $5 general seating; $15 preferred seating (reserved table for 2)

Come be a part of history as Saul Ravencraft does two rare public performances at Kick Butt Cafe, sharing the kind of entertainment he provides at private and corporate events.

There will be two live shows, exploring the powers of the mind, the strange, and the ghostly. It’s a wild ride into the realm of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. It will be theatre that happens before your eyes and deep within your own mind. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Saul will also be recording these programs as part of his promotional reel, so it’s your chance to help build the dream. Come be a part of history for less than the price of a good beer.

Tickets are $5 for general admission. There are a limited number of premium tables for 2 for $15.

Purchase tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets.
PLEASE NOTE: By attending this show you agree to be recorded and that footage used for commercial purposes. (See agreement details.)


Hear Saul on the Conspire a Theory podcast

In September, Saul was a guest on the Conspire a Theory podcast. They covered all kinds of things, from his paranormal entertainment, his seance to connect with the ghost at the Museum of the Weird in Austin, magick, horror movies, and more!


Wonderful night at Carnival of Divination

On Friday, November 16, Saul took part in the Carnival of Divination at Curia Arcanum in Austin, Texas. We don’t have any event pictures yet, but will add them when they become available.

Saul did something a little different this time. He always likes to offer a special show special, a featured technique at a significant discount. Normally he makes the selection himself, but this time he opened it up through a survey. Here were the options.

Palm and Eye readings:
These have been very popular for local corporate events. Saul ill look at your palm and in one of your eyes to get a feel for the elemental energy you are projecting and what is going on inside. 

Pendulum work:
Saul will get you hands-on with a pendulum to find answers. He can also use the pendulum to seek answers from his spirit guides.

Saul will use an object to pick up on vibrations. Information comes from many sources and my connect with present situations, past owners of the object, or even past-life information. 

Pythagorean and Eastern Numerology:
Saul will use the numbers in your name and birthdate to explore the energies and qualities that surround you. He combines western and eastern techniques to provide a broader picture.

The overwhelming response was for Palm and Eye readings. Other readings and extended readings were available at a discounted price as well. This was a fun way to make the selection and will likely be done again in the future. Be ready to cast your vote!

The event featured music by That Damned Band with readers and artists of various types. Saul also got a brief introduction to a resident spirit. He will be conducting a private session soon to help connect with this entity, which we think is a little girl.

Curia Arcanum is a unique shop, connected with the Glass Coffin at 1006 S. 1st St., Austin, TX 78704. Their focus is a 32-card custom Cartomancy deck, created by owner, Francis Houston Blakely Suchomel III. Decks are for sale with instruction available. You can also get a reading. In addition to the deck are an assortment of unique curios, antiques, clothing, books, jewelry and more that will appeal to anyone with Edgar Allen Poe sensibilities.

Look for more activities to come!


Wonders were beheld at A Return to Wonderland

The Return to Wonderland event at the SHINE center was wondrous fun, even though it was hot. The purpose of the event was to explore and celebrate the Day Out of Time. (…though we know time is just an illusion, don’t we?)Event graphic for A Return to Wonderland
Inside the lovely studio space there was quiet contemplation and some education about this bizarre day and how to make use of it. There were also various vendors and activities. Here are some photos that give a feeling for what the day was like.

Photo of Panda Ice food truck
Photo by Ashley Noel

Photo of child examining a rock as older woman in colorful clothing looks on.
Photo by Ashley Noel

Photo of a man doing sketch readings
Photo by Ashley Noel

Photo of an inflatable unicorn fountain spraying water from its horn
Photo by Ashley Noel

Photo of various vendor pavilions
Photo by Ashley Noel

Photo of group warming up for Yoga in the SHINE courtyard
Photo by Kelsey Kosmala

We set up the new and improved Tent of Wonders, featuring selections from my personal Cabinet of Curiosities.

Photo of Tent O' Wonders entrance as set up at A Day Out of Time, 7/25/2018
Entrance to the Tent O’ Wonders

Photo of Tent O' Wonders banner proclaiming "Wonders Inside" "Educational and Diverting"
An alluring banner beckons the curious.

Photo of a strange looking monkey bust
Creepy robot monkey greets you

Photo of various artifacts displayed on draped tables with informational signs
Part of the collection on display including the haunted doll and spiritualism artifacts

Photo of various artifacts displayed on draped tables with informational signs
More of the collection, including the Exorcism Kit

It was fun to be a part of this unusual celebration. Saul did a presentation at 4pm, where he invited people to open up with their intuition. No photos yet, but we’ll add them if any turn up. It was a good session and a few people made excellent connections.

Of course, the Tent O’ Wonders is available for your own event, indoor or outdoor. To learn more or make arrangements, just contact us.


Saul with Joe and Laura on Heavy Friending, Part 2

A while back, I had the pleasure of sitting with Joe and Laura for their podcast, Heavy Friending. Hopefully you have already listened to part 1. If not, you should probably do that first.

Here is the continuation of that session, where we go a little deeper. In the introduction they acknowledge that I seem to have a lot of command of air energy… at least I think that’s what they meant… They are still very nice, and it was a fun experience.


Saul with Joe and Laura on Heavy Friending, Part 1

A while back, I had the pleasure of sitting with Joe and Laura for their podcast, Heavy Friending.

You never know what you’re going to get when you go into a podcast situation. Every once in a while we get people coming through the Museum that are live broadcasting. They are really disruptive. They don’t want the tour. They want things to go as fast as possible while they make sarcastic remarks and do their best to act above it all. I hate those.

I am glad to say that the experience with Joe and Laura was really very nice. They seemed genuinely curious about exploring their reading and we ended up going much deeper than I had expected. In fact, we got so far into things that they decided to break it into two parts! Our goal was to look at their individual qualities and then how those qualities combined into a relationship. (Remember that not all relationships are romantic.) I don’t really look at things as compatible or incompatible. Every combination can work. It’s a matter of being realistic about what is required. I really enjoyed this recording session. Joe and Laura are very nice people and funny in a way that doesn’t need to tear others down. Part 2 coming soon!