Welcome to 2016 – thoughts and predictions

2016yayA new year has arrived. I, for one, am happy to say goodbye to 2015. It was a year which demanded a lot of hard work, which made it very difficult for me to stay connected to others. That’s not my favorite lifestyle and I’m looking forward to the adventure and variety that is promised to me by 2016.

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But, I’ll share a few general observations about 2016 right here.

First, there is a big change happening from 2015 to 2016. Last year was very much about people having to “go it alone.” Safety nets were pulled away. Trusted resources were withdrawn. Everyone had to be more willing to stand on their own feet because, frankly, some of the help just wasn’t there like it has been before. For some this has been a good thing. Everyone should appreciate their own gifts and be willing to be self-reliant. We are given the gifts we need and it helps when we learn to trust them. However, it has been a rough time for many and they have been left feeling a little helpless and overwhelmed.

In 2016 there will be a lot more collaboration and helping each other. It’s a year to look out for people who seem to struggle with things that come easily to you and for people who seem to do well with things that you find difficult. Reach out. Find ways to exchange, to partner, to help each other. Look for help and guidance from these people, but always offer something in return. Make it a two-way street. Your network and resources will grow and you’ll find that the skills you bring to the table increase in value as people better appreciate what you can do. You’ll also find that you have more respect for the people around you.

This will be a bigger trend, as the United States starts to move away from a “my way or the highway” mode and begins to enter into serious collaboration with other world powers. Part of this will be economic realities all over the world, but look for some real changes in global and domestic policies that look for win-win solutions for everyone. This will be followed by some real ingenuity that hasn’t been seen since the World War II era.

The presidential election is in many people’s minds. There is a lot that can happen between now and November 8, but based on what I can see today: Sanders will win if his supporters continue a collaborative approach. He is also in line with the vibration of the year, so he has a lot on his side. He will fail if he moves into a more traditional mode of meeting fire with fire. Hillary Clinton can only win with an extraordinary amount of hard work on the part of herself and her supporters. Donald Trump has a chance if voters can be motivated to calling for complete change. It’s not impossible and Trump has an aura of destiny about him that draws him to this path and cause him to relentlessly pursue his goals. Ted Cruz would win if there was a tremendous drive from religious support, but he will still be shrouded in mystery.

I’ll try to keep an eye on the signs as we move closer.

I wish you prosperity in the new year. Be open to help from people you know and trust, not from big entities like the government or major organizations. Be open to providing help to those you know personally who could benefit from your knowledge and skills. These collaborations will make enormous differences to you.

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