Gratitude is connected to mental health

November has a number of celebrations connected with gratitude. In the wheel of the year we are entering the post-harvest time, where we take stock before the winter and look at what we have. It makes sense that gratitude would be a part of this time.

But, part of a manifesting lifestyle is to be grateful for each thing that we bring about. Part of the follow-through of sending something out to the universe is to give thanks for what we anticipate coming to us, and to give thanks for the signs we see of our wishes coming true. Psychologists observe that expressing gratitude is an important part of our mental health. This makes sense.

When we feel lowest in our lives we tend to dwell on what is wrong, the problems we need to solve, the lack of solutions. When we are upbeat we recognize our blessings, our plenty, our fulfillment. So, taking stock of what is good in your life, even if it is modest, can help offset that feeling of helplessness. It’s not always automatic. Sometimes we have to reach a little to find something to be thankful for, but there is always something, if only appreciating that we still live, with the hope of transforming our situation.

As we are surrounded by the trappings of official “thanksgiving” in many cultures, often accompanied by compulsory time with family, look beyond the artificiality and conflict that you may feel, and use it as a time to genuinely reflect on what you are grateful for. It will lift you up and add energy to what you are trying to bring about.

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