• Everything Confirmed

    I had been pulling my own tarot cards and trying to read for myself…which is always difficult because I’m not far enough removed to see clearly. Saul confirmed the messages I was receiving, but gave me the insight I needed to move forward. Highly recommend!

  • Amazingly versitile, multitalented, and FUN!

    I am something of a Saul Ravencraft groupie, which means I have seen him in many environments and situations. I’ve seen him in show mode in locations such as Kick Butt Cafe, Sherwood Forest Faire, and Curia Arcanum, demonstrating the marvels of mentalism with fast-paced humor, and I’ve seen him in more serious mystic mode, calling upon his guides and receiving remarkably accurate information from the spirit realm. As a magickal life coach, he has helped me heal from a trauma that crippled me for over 30 years. He has a way of putting things into words so that I can think about them in ways I never had before.…

  • Prepare to be SPOOKED!

    Saul Ravencraft is the man for spooktacular fun! My first encounter with Saul was as a tour guide at Austin’s Museum of the Weird. He knows his subjects well and has the knowledge and background to assure a hauntingly great time for all..This man can fortell the future..He does Tarot Card readings,has ESP and is a magician that will dazzle you leaving your senses confounded! Also I have crossed paths with him at Rennisance Faires where you will travel back in time to the middle ages..Want to know your future? Check in with Saul and you will not be disappointed!

  • I had a *wonderful* reading

    I had a *wonderful* reading with Saul Ravencraft, Executive Occultist today! Saul does the most unique readings, not the typical tarot reading. Saul has created the most interesting “Elemental Reading” and if you haven’t experienced this most unique divination experience, you really owe it to yourself. So many venues of thought were opened up for me today and yes, there is homework but I wouldn’t expect anything less; creating your own destiny isn’t a passive event. With the help of the Executive Occultist, many different ideas and thoughts were opened up before my eyes and I am excited about the possibilities that are before me. I have have had a…

  • Amazing Reading

    I had the pleasure of having a personal reading with Saul this weekend He was spot on and so very helpful with insight and direction. I have to honestly say this is one of the best, most accurate readings I have ever had. I highly recommend him.

  • Fantastic

    He is very accurate and gives good insight into the different ways forward... I would recommend him highly and hope that if we visit the USA again we get the chance to meet again.

  • Wonderful

    I have had the pleasure of being in one of Saul Ravencraft’s study groups on intention and manifestation. He is a gentle, entertaining teacher who inspires you with confidence and gives enthusiastic encouragement. With his guidance, I have managed to overcome things I had long struggled with. I used to have PTSD nightmares about someone from my past; I haven’t had any since working with Saul. I still have scars, but he has helped me learn to wear them as badges of honor rather than let them stunt my enjoyment of life. He has a way of taking concepts you may have been exposed to before, but using just the…

  • Accurate and thought provoking readings from Saul

    Saul has helped me 3 times when I really needed it. I want to say he is a very caring healer and has a huge heart and truly wants, and does really help. No PR, he is the real deal. My first reading was surprisingly accurate and really helped me with a problem I was having. With the insight he gave me I was able to view my problem totally new and fresh, and it’s so gone now I cannot even remember what it was!!! The take away is I was able to move on in life and enjoy my progress rather than fight myself! The second was him picking…

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