San Antonio Restaurant May Have Some Unexpected Residents

When opening a business people take precautions to keep out vandals, robbers, and others who might damage the business. But what about the things that may already be inside?

A San Antonio couple kept finding disarray in their music-themed restaurant. Security cameras showed them what might be ghostly activity, playing with the stanchions like an unruly child. This video from the local NBC affiliate shows some of the activity they captured. Alarmed, owner, April Ward, closed their doors.

While concerned, the couple seems like they are going to try to work with this in some way. They had an investigative team come out who got the name “Peter” and identified the spirit as a four-year-old.

According to this article on, moved by the incident, and having some confirmation that the entity has no intention of harming them, April decided to take a different approach. She is embracing their paranormal situation with themed food and opening the store to a few who want to stay the night for the chance of their own encounter.

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