A Psychic Game to Play with Friends

“Am I psychic?”

Of course you are! We all have some connection to the mysterious and remarkable capabilities of our minds, just like anyone can throw a ball. Ability has to be nurtured, and may be bolstered by some special talent. For myself, the trickiest thing was, and remains, letting go of my logical thought and accepting the first thing that my intuition gives me. A lifetime of conditioning to listen to your logical thought and to mentally “look before you leap” turns our intuition into a barely audible whisper, but it’s still there. You just need to throw that brain ball around a little.

A fan of playing cardsAn easy way to do this is with something that you probably have lying around your house, a pack of playing cards. Cards are great for this because people are almost universally familiar with them. If I say 5 of clubs, you and I likely have the exact same picture in our heads of what that should look like. There’s no emotional interference, or experiential differences. A 5 of clubs is a 5 of clubs. Also, cards have a number of different things we can play with. We can look at colors, odd or even, shapes, numbers, etc. Just as a pack of playing cards offers an infinite possibilities for game play, there are many ways we can use them to exercise our psychic capabilities. Here are a few suggestions. Make up your own and share them.


Telepathy is the sending and reception of thought. One person thinks of something. Another person tries to perceive the thought. This is perfect with a deck of cards. Start small and work your way up as you find rapport with your partner. (Eventually you may be able to do it with strangers.) In each game, one person will be the sender and the other the receiver. You can divide the deck in half and take turns or keep one role for as many cards as you choose. You may find that it works better when one of you is the sender and the other is the receiver.

  • Red or Black — This is pretty straightforward. All we’re looking at is color. Is it a red card or a black card? The sender fills their mind with the color of the card and the receiver tries to pick up on it. This can be done fairly quickly and is an excellent way to begin.
  • Full or Empty — Playing cards either have a lot of white space, empty, or a lot of print on them, full. In this case we’re just trying to get a feel for how empty the card is. In general, Ace – four are pretty empty. Five and above are increasingly full. The six sometimes feels empty because of the white space in the middle. You and your partner will need to agree on what you think is full or empty.
  • Odd or Even — Just as cards come in red and black, they have odd and even numbers. I recommend that you play only with the cards that have actual numbers on them, purge the court cards. However, you can play this however you like.
  • Faces — In this game we are only interested in whether this is a face card.
  • Round or Pointy — If you look at the suits you’ll notice that the clubs and hearts are more rounded and the diamonds and spades are more pointy. Try to detect this aspect.
  • Combos — As you practice this and start having success you can do multi-phase games. Try the color, then one or more of the other aspects. You might get all the way to the point where you can fully identify the card!

Notice how these games look at different ways of thinking about something. Some people respond more strongly to one idea than another. Colors hit your brain differently than faces. You may find that you have greater success with one aspect over another and that will clue you into where you might focus your development.

Decide with your partner if you want to get instant feedback, which may help you tune your responses, or if you want to do a whole round with no feedback and then see how you did. In that case, you just set up a stack for each answer and then grade them at the end. In general, it is probably better to do them without feedback for a while until you get a feel for it.

If you do well with this, you are someone who can tune into others. This can be handy to help you read people in a number of situations and could be turned to your advantage.


When we play a card game, solitaire is playing by ourselves against the deck. When we are playing psychic games solitaire is a different thing entirely. All of the games that you play with another person can be done by yourself. Just shuffle the cards and try to pick up on the aspect before you turn the card. However, in this case you aren’t really doing telepathy. No one is thinking about this card. You are picking up the information from someplace else. This is called Clairvoyance, or “clear seeing.” There are many ways that you can try to connect. You can just close your eyes and try to visualize. You can feel the card (which is psychometry).

This is a different psychic skill from telepathy. If you find that you do this well you are someone who can pick up on things from the environment. This is a fascinating aspect to explore.

* * *

Play the games and see what happens. If you have particularly good success or have any questions, please contact me. I also help people get started with this sort of thing in my psychic parties. Reach out and I’ll tell you how we can host one together.

Enjoy what you discover.

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