Ravencraft’s Vault of Horror Virtual

If you live in Austin, you probably look forward to the second Monday of every month when horror fans gather with Saul at Mister Tramps to revel in Ravencraft’s Vault of Horror. Our gatherings were an early casualty of COVID-19 as the venue was forced to shut down with all the other bars and restaurants.

The good news is that Mister Tramps has been doing well, switching to takeout service from their outstanding kitchen along with take-home smoothie drinks. We are hopeful they’ll be waiting for us when things open up again and that we can resume the live gathering in June and pick up where we left off.

In the mean time, we are doing the Day-Drinking edition of RVoH, showing some classic films from the horror library. Here is a playlist of all the episodes so far and new ones will be added as they occur.

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