Psychic Dice Game

A Psychic Game

Can your mind influence random events? Here’s a game to find out, you can play alone or with a friend. Get some dice.

First, make a number of rolls of the dice. Record the numbers you get. The more you do it, the better your experiment will be. This is your control, which we will use for comparison.

Now, start again with a new record of the dice rolls. Concentrate. Let’s say we want more threes. Focus intently on the number three. Picture the diagonal dots of the three. Maybe it helps to close your eyes as you roll. Do the same number of rolls as you did before.

There are a few possible outcomes:

  • You get about the same number of threes as before
    Nothing special is going on here. Randomness is still occurring. You don’t appear to have influenced anything.
  • You get noticeably more threes than before
    You may be having an influence on the roll of the dice. Keep trying and see if the number increases further. If so, you may want to explore this in other ways!
  • You get noticeably fewer threes than before
    This is also interesting. You may be having an effect, just not in the way that you expected. Again, this is worth exploring in different ways.

You could vary this game in a number of ways. You could focus on different numbers and see if that varies from the control. You could try the game again looking at the total of the dice rather than the individual faces. You could try using something else such as flipping coins.

Please share if you get any interesting results.

There is an actual scientific study conducted on this in 1991 by Dean I. Radin and Diane C. Ferrari at Princeton University. If you are interested, you can read it in all its glory:
Effects of Consciousness on the Fall of Dice: A Meta-Analysis

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