My takeaway from our Paranormal Weekend in Bartlett, TX

Paranormal events wipe me out. I usually have to take a day or so to get my brains back and try not to encounter anything more taxing than SpongeBob. The Paranormal Weekend in Bartlett, TX took me three days!

From the moment I got there it was all on, and it really didn’t stop until I drove away. I’m going to try to give you my own take-away from this event.

First, it was a small group of people. This was fantastic, because everyone really got to know each other. Madame Zee and I got to understand where each person was coming from and focus on helping them to achieve their goals over the weekend. We realized that we want to keep these events small.

Friday Night

Friday night was our tour led by Jennifer, owner of the guest houses we were staying in. She was all-in on the history of Bartlett and was very flexible about our need to “feel out” certain locations.

One stop was the old Bartlett School. One of the photos I took appeared to have a face looking out of an upstairs window.

Another startling event happened in this jail cell. The old Bartlett City Jail is a small cinder-block building that would have been miserable in Texas. Inside this cell, I heard two men talking. It was indistinct and conversational. I did not have an audio recording, but another person in the room heard it as well.

In this alleyway, one of our participants got a fantastic video with two distinctive orbs, one red and one blue. I’m trying to get that video to share.

Saturday - Cemetery Tour

After enjoying breakfast together, we gathered at the Bartlett Cemetery, led by the curator, Kathy. It was especially interesting because she gave the tour in the first person. She grew up in Bartlett and had family buried there. She personally knew some of the families there. It was a very different vibe. It made a real difference to the experience.

After the tour, we got a mini-workshop on graveyard work, led by Madame Zee.

Madame Zee shows here tools and techniiques for graveyard workings

Saturday - Bartlett School

Our original plan for the weekend was to center our activity at the Bartlett School. We ran into some prejudice that got in the way. (Ignorance and fear is just part of this path. You can fight it, or side-step it.) This changed our headquarters to the Bartlett Church Guest House, which was a much better space for it. However, we still wanted to spend time in the school. Our cemetery guide, Kathy, made it happen!

We toured the museum and the building, with Kathy talking about her own recollections of being a student there.

I selected to spend time on my own in an upstairs room that intrigued me. I have stills and audio from that session, which I will share when it’s been processed. (Things like this generate a lot of media.)

Saul is pulling tarot cards at the direction of the audio scanner

In the mean time, the others were downstairs doing a different session. I don’t know if there were recordings or photos. If so, I’ll share when I get them.

People generally seemed to have good experiences in the school.

Saturday - The Séance

Of course, the climax of our event was the séance, held on Saturday night at the Bartlett Church Guest House. We selected this location because it was very roomy and accomodated everyone nicely. It also had a very grounded feel to it. Madame Zee and I agreed that it was a good location to safely connect with spirits.

We grounded ourselves and cast a circle, with one person remaining outside the circle as a watcher, in case anything went too far.

One notable part of the evening was an experimental bell we made by suspending a crystal goblet from a string. We got a number of solid rings, which are highlighted in this video.

I also opened myself to letting spirits show themselves in the red light. Participants said they saw two distinct faces lay themselves over my own. This does not come out in the photos, but you hear their descriptions in video, which I may be able to make available at a later date.


Sunday, we enjoyed breakfast together and did one final circle, grounding ourselves and preparing to go back into the normal world. I had to stay focused enough to participate in a rehearsal for an upcoming project, but then I was pretty much wiped out for the next few days. What an adventure!

Make sure that you don’t miss the next one. Sign up to follow me and I’ll keep you posted. If you would like to arrange your own, private experience, in your home or another location, contact me and we’ll get you started.

As always, I wish you very good fortune.

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