Ouija believe?

This feels like a horror movie. According to a Daily Mail article, a group of about 30 children suffered hysteria after playing with a Ouija board at school.

A teacher’s daughter (Isn’t it always the kids of authority figures?) brought a so-called book of black magic and a Ouija board to school in San Jose de Saramuro in the Loreto region. She apparently led fellow students in playing with the board and things went a little crazy. Here is footage of the aftermath. WARNING: Some may find this disturbing.

The original video is available through a local media outlet on Facebook.

Are Ouija boards truly this dangerous? Can casual contact with something sold in a toy store open the gates of possession?

Satanic doorways tucked in with classic children’s games?

Here are some helpful tips to keep your tots safe from demonic interference with their school work.

  1. Please keep your black magic books locked up out of reach of children, especially if you are a teacher, a preacher or police officer.
  2. When buying a game for your child, consider some of the other classics like Clue, or Life, or even Monopoly. 
  3. If you have kids that are claiming that they cannot do their school work because they are possessed, please read up on the Salem Witch Trials. They might be possessed. They might also be enjoying the chance to create a little panic for adults. 

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