A day of rest

This has been quite a week. I wrote briefly about the séance sessions that I held at the Museum of the Weird last week. On the 31st I was featured doing numerology readings for a private party.  Sunday was also involved with a private event, so today was my day to rest and recuperate. (Though I am at the Museum tonight.)

It is interesting to connect with so many different minds and questions in a short period of time. I must form a sort of bond with a person or with spirit and then completely let it go. I know how to ground and clear and create a safe space for what I do, but it is still very demanding.

So, I spent the day doing some bureaucratic paperwork, washing some dishes and catching up on The Walking Dead. Of course, now we begin he acceleration toward the end of the year. For those who don’t carry Halloween in their hearts all year round they will turn their attention to Thanksgiving and Christmas (or Yule, if you will). As we move into these changes of season, changes of rhythms, and changes of mind—always a feature at this time of year—rest is important. Don’t get too caught up in obligations and seasonal chaos that you forget to take some time, even a little time, for your own rest and peace. It will become critical as you become busy with family and friends.

Of course, this time is also a point when we tend to reflect on where we are and where we want to go. Self-doubt can be high, especially with the helpful observations of the people who don’t spend time with us during the rest of the year. This is an excellent time to consider booking personal readings or having a psychic party, to teach yourself and your friends a tool you can use yourself in the upcoming year. It’s enlightening and a lot of fun. Use my new contact page to find out more.

Find the joy as we move toward the end of 2015. Next year will bring a good deal of change for all of us!

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