• Amazingly versitile, multitalented, and FUN!

    I am something of a Saul Ravencraft groupie, which means I have seen him in many environments and situations. I’ve seen him in show mode in locations such as Kick Butt Cafe, Sherwood Forest Faire, and Curia Arcanum, demonstrating the marvels of mentalism with fast-paced humor, and I’ve seen him in more serious mystic mode, calling upon his guides and receiving remarkably accurate information from the spirit realm. As a magickal life coach, he has helped me heal from a trauma that crippled me for over 30 years. He has a way of putting things into words so that I can think about them in ways I never had before.…

  • Saul is a great meld of professional and spooky.

    I got to work with Saul on a horror movie trivia night and he was great to work with. Very professional in communication and business behind the scenes, and an approachable, knowledgeable, and unique personality and host for the audience with great production value. He really knows what he’s doing.

  • Prepare to be SPOOKED!

    Saul Ravencraft is the man for spooktacular fun! My first encounter with Saul was as a tour guide at Austin’s Museum of the Weird. He knows his subjects well and has the knowledge and background to assure a hauntingly great time for all..This man can fortell the future..He does Tarot Card readings,has ESP and is a magician that will dazzle you leaving your senses confounded! Also I have crossed paths with him at Rennisance Faires where you will travel back in time to the middle ages..Want to know your future? Check in with Saul and you will not be disappointed!

  • Surpassed our fundraising goal

    The strategy of using the game to launch Adam’s pitch was a huge success and brought in substantially more donations than in past years after an ask.

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  • I can’t wait to see another show!

    Last night was very cool! I really like the inside venues where the energy can swirl around the audience. Spot on about my “reading” so to speak about that “lost item”, very creepy indeed. I can’t wait to see another show!

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  • San Antonio IBM Club

    We have had hired Saul to perform at a few of our functions. He never fails to amaze and astound us with the mastery of his art. I highly recommend him for you event you’ll be glad you did

  • Amazing Artifacts and Astonished Guests

    Saul has been the entertainment for my Halloween parties for the last two years and he is amazing and kind. All of my guests enjoy having their palms or tarot cards read and the accuracy is spot on! The “parlor games” are my favorite part and allow guests to be part of the entertainment. We can’t wait to party with you next year!!

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