down the rabbit hole (old)

Welcome to the weirdly wonderful world of Saul Ravencraft, Executive Occultist. Enjoy a quality trip down the rabbit hole, sparing no expense.


The world is opening up. You have a source for live entertainment using appropriate precautions for COVID. Need entertainment for a remote gathering? Want to add some spice to a remote meeting? Saul can provide engaging, interactive experiences through virtual meetings, which can include special packages delivered into the hands of participants. Remote fortune-telling is also available. Even remote spirit sessions are available. Use the contact form to start planning your personalized adventure. Sign up to the mailing list to keep up with changing details.

To see Saul in person, look at the events or the calendar.

  • Imagine how delighted your party guests will be with a fascinating party guest, personally engaging them with stories of the weird and paranormal experiments, reading minds and palms, empowering them with their own untapped potential
  • Imagine them encountering a private exhibition of Saul’s Haunted Artifacts and Curiosities.
  • Host a psychic party where guests explore their own intuition and receive private readings.
  • Have your very own resident fortune-teller, answering questions and revealing people’s hidden strengths.
  • Go all the way down the rabbit hole and experience a séance.

See Saul, live, at public events throughout Texas and beyond, or invite him as an entertaining part of your next gathering. Check out entertainment offerings under the menu to find out more about how Saul can take you down the rabbit hole. Check out the World Weird News (WWN) for strange news from around the world.


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