Carnival of Curiosities

Banner: shadowy silhouette stands before glowing text reading 'Saul Ravencraft's Carnival of Curiosities.'

NOTE: This program may contain material with mature themes and language that is not suitable for young children. Parental discretion is strongly advised.

(This program is currently on hiatus from public shows until we arrange a new venue… however it is still available for private events.)
The word is in and people agree that Saul Ravencraft is the perfect guide to lead you into the shadows for an evening of paranormal experiences. Here’s what people are saying:

“Really cool — I’m sold!”“You made me a believer!”
“Absolutely amazing!!!”“Great show!”
“I have a feeling the Carnival of Curiosities will be a huge hit!!”
Saul Ravencraft stands next to his haunted artifacts
Saul stands next to some of his collection for a tent show at Pioneer Farms, Austin, TX

Join us for an evening of food, wine and spirits. Experience the powers of intuition and the psychic world as Saul Ravencraft taps into the connection between people’s minds. See artifacts from his private collection of haunted artifacts. (WARNING: These items are known to act out when they are removed from the vault.) Ask your questions of the spirits and see if they have a personal answer for you.

This show is unpredictable. It’s weird. It’s for people who carry Halloween in their hearts all year round. It’s an unusual evening of live, interactive entertainment unlike any other.
(This program can also be engaged for a private event in the venue of your choice.)

To arrange a private event, find out about public events, or get more information, please use our contact form or call at 512-994-4678.