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    Séance Theatre

    If you believe what you see on television, the only way to have a ghostly encounter is to stumble around in the dark through a mouldy old house, lugging equipment and hoping for a tiny glimpse of paranormal activity.  It was not always so.  People once gathered in homes or public places, both modest and elegant, to wonder at the mysteries of the spirit world and see if it was possible to make contact. Some people still do. Séance is not necessarily scary, though it is suspenseful. It need not happen in a darkened room with everyone holding hands around the table. You won’t be intruded upon by your judgy…

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    Give the gift of something weird to someone you love. Saul Ravencraft offers three easy-to-give gifts to take people down the rabbit hole. Readings All readings can draw on any of the tools that Saul uses including palmistry, numerology, tarot and oracle cards, and pendulum work. Saul will select the best methods for the question or the recipient can request specific methods to satisfy themselves. $25 Sample Reading — a simple, one-question reading, similar to what Saul offers at metaphysical fairs and other events. This is perfect for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to explore, or someone who is curious to see what a reading is like.…

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    Readings for fun and fortune

    For thousands of years mystics have claimed to tell things about people by reading the signs? Is it real? Who knows? It’s fun! Everyone is curious about what will be seen in their hand, in their cards or other symbols. It’s fascinating. It’s uplifting. It’s mysterious. No one will receive doom and gloom, but encouraging messages about their own strengths and abilities to overcome their challenges. If palm reading or Tarot don’t fit your event, readings can be done with numbers, pendulums or even something exotic like steampunk gear casting. Readings do not express any kind of religious belief or try to urge your guests to any particular action. They…