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Saul wrote a regular blog for the world famous Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas where he highlighted strange news of the day. Later, the Museum found its audience was better reached by doing simpler social media posts. Saul continues to support these, but he misses doing some of the more in-depth looks at weird things in the world. Here you will find some of the strange news that comes through Saul’s crystal ball and his editorial take on the matter. Some of it will be celebrating strange stories from the past. Some will be as fresh as yesterday. See the latest stories below.

FBI investigates social media

FBI investigates social media

FBI Interns go on Twitter to answer questions people may have about the FBI. Hilarity ensues.

Grandpa ends police standoff by throwing suspect off the roof

Grandpa ends police standoff by throwing suspect off the roof

What started as a gripping standoff with police turned into a genuine WTF moment as a senior citizen got sick and tired of all the disruption and decided to just end it by pushing a burglary suspect off the roof!

That’s one tough grandpa! You can read

Be kind and flush… or there may be consequences

Be kind and flush... or there may be consequences

While burgling a home, the thief took a moment to see to his mortal needs in the family toilet. Perhaps he thought it would be funny to leave this little token of his esteem as he robbed them but it backfired on him big-time. According to the Ventura County Star, police ...

I’ve heard of alternative medicine, but…

I've heard of alternative medicine, but...

I deal with a lot of different perspectives on health… from people who are diligently devoted to modern medical practices to people who are folk practitioners. This one gave me a surprise, though…

Cannibals Arrested in Florida Claim Eating Human Flesh Cures Diabetes and Depression


According to the Miami ...

What a dark and terrible Christmas that was

What a dark and terrible Christmas that was

The Weekly World News was always the best and they did not disappoint with this macabre article from December 2004 announcing that the United Nations was busily canceling Christmas after Santa’s body was found frozen, floating in a block of ice.

Children are devastated as the news reaches ...