TAOM 2021 Program Supplemental

Sep 3-6TAOM After Dark, Austin, TX
Sep 9-12Arcane Relics Summit, Lewisville, TX
Sep 13Ravencraft’s Vault of Horror, Austin, TX
Sep 18Paranormal Conference at Victoria’s Black Swan Inn
Sep 24-26Paranormal Weekend in Bartlett, Texas
SundaysWeekly Witch Hat Chats broadcast
TuesdaysCauldron Conversations with Saul Ravencraft and Madame Zee

TAOM After Dark, Austin, TX

Sep 3-6
Saul produced the TAOM After Dark programs, calling in from his pool of unusual talent. Saul specializes in creating unusual, immersive, experiences, such as the award-winning murder mystery event he helped bring about in San Antonio, Texas. Want to explore your own weird, fantastic idea? Contact Saul and see how he can help you lead people down the rabbit hole.

Arcane Relics Summit, Lewisville, TX

Sep 9-12
It’s about time that there was a bizarre magick gathering in Texas. The Arcane Relics Summit will bring together vendors, performers, paranormalists, and others who appreciate the more theatrical side of our arts. Saul will be presenting on Friday night about authentic divination and magick lore. He’ll also share ways that lore, fiction, and other resources will help you create more unique, personal, connected performances that go beyond mere magic shows.

Ravencraft’s Vault of Horror

Sep 13
The second Monday of every month horror fans gather at Mister Tramps in Austin, Texas to see what comes out of Saul Ravencraft’s vault of horror. You’ll enjoy classic films and newer discoveries in a room full of people who know why you like to sit in the dark. The September offering is code-named Plague Party. It’s a tale where a noble ignores the plague at his doorstep and gathers him friend for a wild party where cruelty and debauchery reign. It’s old school fun that will stick in your head. Join the Facebook group for this and all future events.

Paranormal Conference at Victoria’s Black Swan Inn

Sep 18
Visit Saul in the paranormalseance.com booth. He’ll be showing off spiritualist-related artifacts from his cabinet of curiosities and talk about upcoming events. There will also be vendors, lectures, food, and activities sure to delight any paranormal seeker. Get tickets.

Paranormal Weekend in Bartlett, Texas

Sep 24-26
Saul Ravencraft and Madame Zee team up to create an amazing experience limited to fifteen people. You’ll stay in a haunted bed and breakfast, enjoy a Friday night soiree, catered meals, several haunted and historical tours, culminating in a ghost exploration and seance. Gather with fellow seekers and discover your own talents. Learn more and reserve your spot.

Weekly Witch Hat Chats broadcast

Each Sunday, Saul and Nikki Kirby discuss the theory and practice of magick with practitioners from all over the world. Whether you are interested in your own path or just curious about the witchy lifestyle, these conversations will give you things to think about. They just might change you. Follow on Facebook.

Cauldron Conversations with Saul Ravencraft and Madame Zee

In another weekly broadcasts, Saul talks with paranormalseance.com partner, Madame Zee, about magick, empowerment, and spirit connection. They also talk about upcoming events and projects, tips and tricks, and answer questions from the live chat. Follow on Facebook.