Oddities & Curiosities Expo Special Package

Discover the Magick Within

Are you ready to manifest your full potential? Are you ready to address those shadows and see yourself as the center of your own power? A single reading can give you important information about where you are. But, real change, real work requires concentrated effort. Saul Ravencraft invites you to embark on an extraordinary adventure. With “The Path Unveiled package, you gain exclusive access to six intensive sessions designed to harness the power of divination and magickal coaching, guiding you towards your personal and professional milestones.

On Your Journey

  • Twelve One-on-One Sessions: Two sessions per month, a strategy session and a progress session. In these personalized encounters, Saul will work with you, using divination techniques, both ancient and modern, and magickal practices to explore the depths of your goals. Each session is a step closer to understanding your true path and how to navigate it with wisdom and courage. You will gain insight and tools that you can use long after your subscription has ended.
  • Unlimited Access to Online Group Sessions: Enrich your journey with the collective energy of like-minded seekers. As a “Path Unveiled” participant, you’ll enjoy free access to any online group session Saul hosts, diving deeper into the world of magick and self-discovery.
  • Customized Magickal Coaching: Saul’s approach is tailored to your unique journey. Whether it’s overcoming obstacles, attracting prosperity, or enhancing personal growth, your work is customized to your goals.
  • A Community of Fellow Seekers: Join an exclusive community dedicated to exploration and transformation. Share experiences, insights, and support as you travel this path together.

Special Offer: $666

This number isn’t just a price—it’s a symbol of transformation and balance, a nod to the mystical energies that will guide your journey.

Who Is This For?

Whether you’re at a crossroads, seeking to manifest your dreams, or simply wish to explore the depths of your own psyche through a magickal lens, “The Path Unveiled” is your gateway to a life that is extraordinary.

Why Choose Saul Ravencraft?

Saul is not just a guide; he’s a fellow traveler on the path of the esoteric. With years of experience in divination, magickal practices, and transformative coaching, Saul offers not just knowledge but a profound connection to the unseen forces that shape our world. Furthermore, Saul has walked the path from pessimist to practitioner. He is comfortable working with people from different spiritual backgrounds and helping them to forge their own path.

Ready to Unveil Your Path?

Your journey to transformation begins here. Spots for “The Path Unveiled” are limited to ensure personalized attention. Reserve your place now and step into a world where magick meets purpose, and your goals are within reach. Let the magick begin.


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Not completely ready for this commitment?

If you are not ready for the full six-month commitment, you can do a three-month “Threshold track for $383. If you decide to continue, you can add an additional three months for the same price.

Pay with card or CashApp (Payment plan available)