Numerology: Year Outlook

Numerology is the art of using numbers in divination. Some traditions date back to Pythagoras, and it is fascinating to see how easily numbers can show you patterns and information about your life.

In the Year Outlook, Saul will use your birth date to calculate the energies that will influence you over the next year. This can be a general outlook, or focused on a particular goal or area of your life. It will give a roadmap that will help you work with what is coming toward you.

Saul will personally prepare your report by hand. It makes a great gift to yourself or a friend for the New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, or any time we think about the coming year.

Year Outlook reports are $50 and will be delivered by email. You can optionally include a question or goal to be reflected in the report. Otherwise, Saul will apply the numbers more generally.

Goal/Question (optional)

All readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.