Saul is the chief correspondent for the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas. He began by writing regular articles in the web site’s blog. Then, in early 2016, the Museum changed their social media strategy, focusing more on Facebook posts. Below you’ll find the latest entries from Facebook followed by the blog archive. Click a section to expand it.

You can also catch Saul regularly at the Museum giving personal tours of the Inner Sanctum and providing a taste of his Paranormal Entertainment. If you know you are going to the Museum, contact Saul to find out when he’ll be there and so he can arrange something special to celebrate your visit. You can also check his calendar to see when he’s there.

Here are the last dozen posts to Facebook. To see more go to the Museum’s Facebook page.

You are probably all done with that audio clip that dare not speak it's name. (It involves a Y-word and an L-word.) Here's an odd little video that demonstrates how our brain incorporates visual information to help understand speech. Watching the screen shots you may hear the repeated sound as Bill, Bale, pail, and mayo... Brains are weird.MAYO MAYO MAYO MAYO MAYO MAYO MAYO MAYO ...

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3 weeks ago

Museum of the Weird

Today, Google celebrates Georges Méliès, the pioneering filmmaker who essentially invented the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. Learn more about him and his amazing work here:

Come see our tribute to Méliès in Sfanthor.The Google Doodle, Google Spotlight Stories, Google Arts & Culture, & Cinémathèque Française teams have collaborated to create the first-ever Virtual Reality...

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Here are the last few posts in the Museum blog archive. To see them all look at the Weekly Weird News page.

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