The Ball Is Back!

Phantasm is the bizarre 1979 movie that introduced us to the Tall Man and the crazy, flying, killer, chrome ball. You may have left that film with some questions. Thankfully, there is Phantasm II. Will it answer all your questions? Will it answer any of them? Unlikely. But we don’t mind mysteries when we get spend more time in this strange universe. Angus Scrimm, who we understand is very nice, returns as The Tall Man. “Boyyyyy!” Join us for a deep dive into this weirdness.

You get two opportunities to join Saul Ravencraft for this celebration of horror. Come early to enjoy the pre-show reel. Saul will provide commentary in between the reels and deepen your appreciation for how this film came to life.

  • August 9th, at Doc’s Drive-in. Food menu in addition to typical movie snacks and a chance to chill afterwards in the amazing underground speakeasy. Film shown on the gigantic drive-in screen! Preshow at 7:30pm. Feature starts at 8:00pm. (Join Facebook Event)
  • August 14th, at Mister Tramps. Great food and beverages in the private viewing room. (21+ Venue) Just show up. Preshow starts at 7:30pm. Feature begins at 8:00pm. (Join Facebook Event)

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