Séance Theatre


If you believe what you see on television, the only way to have a ghostly encounter is to stumble around in the dark through a mouldy old house, lugging equipment and hoping for a tiny glimpse of paranormal activity.  It was not always so.  People once gathered in homes or public places, both modest and elegant, to wonder at the mysteries of the spirit world and see if it was possible to make contact.

Some people still do.

Imagine sitting by candle-light after a delicious dinner.  Saul Ravencraft, has prepared you with what you need to know and do.  The shadows leap about on the faces of your friends, each waiting and listening.  Everything has been arranged.  Will you receive a sign?  Will the spirits visit and make themselves known?  Will they know you?

You can experience Séance Theatre as a private event, or request an invitation to one of our group gatherings where you’ll meet other curious seekers. 

To arrange a private event, find out about a group event, or get more information, please use our contact form or call the office at 512-996-9019.

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